Monday 17 February 2014

Sprue Cutters #28: Distance, laziness and the warmth of home

How far are you willing to travel for this hobby?

That's what we want to know this week. For a change, my answer to this is pretty short.

A: not very far.

Okay, I'll elaborate.

Over the last 3 years, I've travelled from South London to Birmingham for GW's annual Games Day. It's not very far from London, but the trek does begin at 4am. The last event foreshadowed the corporations current situation - it was a glorified field trip with some show and tell, but no 'Games' as there were in previous years - so whether I stump up £40 to attend next September, just to show off my painting skills in Golden Demon is yet to be seen.

I nearly went to Forgeworld's Open Day in Nottingham last year - bought the tickets, finished a model, but my car broke down the day before, so I couldn't get there.

I've also considered taking part in Warhammer World's masterclass painting sessions from time to time, but at several hundred pounds, plus accommodation in Nottingham (which still isn't that far away), has put me off each and every time.

I know there are IPMS events in the UK, and even (not surprisingly) across the whole world, but I've never entertained the idea of going to one - not sure why - I'm certain I'd get something out of going.

Hopefully other Sprue Cutters are willing to travel a bit further afield, Let's see, shall we?

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