Monday 8 February 2016

Falcon build: Not that one - it's garbage! Pt 1

I suppose it's time I started writing about my latest painting project (let's pretend for a minute that I've completed anything in the last 12 months).

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will be aware that I've got a little obsessed with AMT/ERTL's Cutaway Millennium Falcon model.

It's flimsy, not exactly screen-accurate, and the parts don't fit particularly well. It's also a retooling of the non-cutaway version of the same model model made by MPC from at least as long ago as 1988. (I could do with digging out the history of MPC and AMT/ERTL)

There are plenty of online reviews that will tell you that the Fine Molds kit is the one to go for. I haven't seen one up close, but the pictures certainty make it look like an amazing kit.

That said, and even with all its flaws, the AMT is still a really compelling kit to build. And it's one to go nuts with, too.

I won't go into major detail yet, as this is merely an intro to the project, but there will be lights. Lots of lights. I'm probably going to have to find my old Bernard Babani electronics project books to get this done. Fun times ahead!