Sunday 19 August 2012

Slow Progress

Things are not moving as fast as I'd like. The garage looks like a stockpile from a discount warehouse, and who knows if there's anything left on eBay. The Hobbit movie comes out in December and those good folks at Games Workshop are sure to relieve me of some money in their tie-in merchandise.

Since 6th edition 40k came out I've manage to play only 1 game with Mikey. It took us 4 hours, and I'm sure we got a lot of the new rules totally wrong, but it was fun. The starter box with the pocket instructions hits the shelves in about 2-3 weeks, and from what I've heard is it's going to be a great set, but, nonetheless it'll be upwards of £65 and have enough Dark Angels and Chaos Space Marines to last me another 6 months' worth of solid painting.

2 weeks later, it will be UK Games Day 2012, and Golden Demon, where I'm going to show off several pieces that are not yet 10% done.

Kamikaze pilot? we'll see

My diorama is currently at a state of a slightly-more-than-basecoated blitza bommer, an Ork Pilot and a test Imperial Fist marine (with a meh paint job I'm changing)

Not quite right.

One of my boys turns 2 this week (relevance? safe model storage; actual hobby time; general sanity), my airbrushes are malfunctioning, and the last time I set aside any hobby time, I fell asleep on the couch. September 25th is getting closer and closer at an alarming rate.

I would love to enter more than one category. Last year I had grand plans for a diorama, but the parts just didn't come together. I entered 40k monster and 40k single mini - as a fallback for not doing the dio. Of course I still have that option this year, but would rather not bug out if can help it.

Must get myself more organised.