Friday 28 April 2017

Learning to say 'no'

One of the most important things to learn as a commission painter (or freelancer in general) is how to, and when to, say 'no'.

Not 'no problem - I can finish that custom Battlesuit diorama by the end of the week', but 'no. I can't take that on right now'

Sometimes you need to employ the same methodology with yourself. This week I had the usual newsletter from Wonderland Models, telling me about their massive discounts on stashable plastic. I usually scroll through and hit delete.

In this missive, however, something caught my eye: Dragon's 1:35 Patriot SAM Launching Station (PAC-3) - down from £84.99 to £29.99

I did some extra digging to figure out just why this would be a near-£100 kit. I'm not an armour expert, and the only previous experience I have of this price range is Games Workshop's medium-sized robot-suits, like the £90 Tau Stormsurge.

Look at this! Detail, size, poseability! £90!

Now look at this:

Detail. Size. Poseability. £90. No - now it's £30.






(To be fair, I'm not trying to belittle GW's product - it's made for playing a game, and is way more durable than Dragon's display model. But it is pricey)

My internet trawling tripped me up a few times, as Dragon has a larger kit with the tractor vehicle as well as the missile launching trailer. Trumpeter has a similar giant kit for about £80, but has photoetch parts as well as plastic sprues.


This kit, though is just the trailer. Still a lot of kit for £30. Very tempting.

But I must resist. It's taken me a good day away from a computer or phone to get some perspective. Shortage of funds, limited storage, other projects - all of this is saying I have to spend my money elsewhere.

Like finishing my new workshop/shed - that £30 will go a long way to buy gravel and sand, so the ground and the shed are level!

And this is where I realise that I need to say 'no' to myself, too. I can't take on this project at the moment, and even if it looks like a great deal, the model isnt something I'm desperate to have in my stash.

When Wonderland has another sale on a big kit, I'll consider it - but only if my shed is done...