Friday 13 June 2014

Reference photos from a weekend away (photo heavy)

I thought I'd make myself a bit more useful than usual, and while I was away last weekend with my lovely wife in Cornwall, I took some photos to use as weathering reference. They're all taken on an iPhone 5, and mostly in HDR mode.

Dingles Vintage Fairground

This was a hoot - old slot machines, ancient rides, and loads of models and dioramas of transport equipment. Here's a selection. My favourites are the zoetrope weathering and the seat detail...

Diorama behind glass

Simple scene with mechanic at work

The simplicity of the b/g guides you to the model

Time for a nap? the weathering was nice on this one

Very '80s

For the film makers: a Zoetrope. Note the verdigris patina

A very old 'V12' dodgem car

Detail of worn leather seat on a waltzer

Definitely worth a trip to Dingles if you're in Cornwall/Devon. Friendly atmosphere, great old stuff that still works, and a good café, too! Link to their site is here.


Naturally, we spent a fair bit of time on the beach and looking at sunsets etc. I'd forgotten just how nasty the city can be. Here's a reminder:

Why is the beach wet? Because the sea weed!

Is this a capstan? either way, it's cool.
Detail of sea-faring junk. Nice rust.
HDR sunset with grizzled tree
That's for the this post. Few words, no WIPs, and none of my models. Feel free to share- but please credit me for the pics if you use them anywhere. Thanks!

Photos ©2014 Peter Brown