Out of the box:

A quick look at some newer figures as they're unboxed.

Krom Dragongaze

Master of Laketown

Limited ed. Krom Dragongaze
 - 40k Sanctus Reach: Stormclaw

Finecast Master of Laketown
 - The Hobbit

Product Reviews:

As in-depth as possible, we review 'products'

Nihilakh Oxide

Ryza Rust
Review/Tutorial - Niliakh Oxide

Review/Tutorial - Ryza Rust

Agrellan Earth

Review/Tutorial - Agrellan Earth

Typhus Corrosion

Review/Tutorial - Typhus Corrosion

Painting Basics Series:


Looking at how and why you'd use a drybrush technique to lay down the base colour on a mini.

Other technique videos:

Airbrushing camo patterns

Cutting and prepping masks for the camouflage pattern. Spraying some paint.

Press Moulding

How to use Instant Mold for quick press moulding copies