Wednesday 27 March 2013

2013 Forge World open day prep pt1

A week after Easter will see us visiting Games Workshop's Nottingham home for their annual Forge World open day event. Tickets sold out within the first couple of days, but I secured a pair just for Mikey and me. Typically, Mikey's at his dad's that weekend, so I'm taking my wife...

It's open from 10am, there seems to be plenty to see, and there are some on-the-day events, too.

Firstly, the new Imperial Armour book will be on sale, and the whole design team will be there to chat to. My wife will love that. I'm almost sure of it. The promise of Bugman's bar has absolutely no sway on her decision to come along.

Secondly, there's the Open Day Painting Competition. Christina and I are going all-out Tau for this one. Seems fitting, seeing as there's a relevant new release that weekend from the Mother Company.

We're only allowed to enter a single figure, so I'm entering an XV9 Battlesuit, which I bought a couple of years ago for Mikey's army, and she's going to paint up one of the Air Caste ground crewmen.

Forgeworld Tau Battlesuit XV9
But which one will she choose?

I'll write about the XV9 build in part 2 soon...

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