Thursday 19 December 2013

Sprue Cutters #22: For a rainy day

Jon asked us to show off our kitchens and dining room tables last week (weird) in the hope that some decent workbenches would pop up. Some did. Some were awesome. Others were dining room tables...
This week, we've been asked to air our dirty laundry and show our stash of unbuilt kits; our collective investment in the future of our hobby; our obsessive need to have new, shiny toys: this is the stuff our wives won't understand.

Thanks Jon.

I think I should point out before I jump in that very few models on my shelves are unstarted - almost all have been opened, and had one bit clipped from the sprue, or almost finished and abandoned for the next bit of Hobby ADD.

First up- in the garage on the Ikea shelving, alongside car parts that will get as much use in the near future: warhammer boxes - classics from the 90s, like the 4th edition fantasy box set and a lead Rock Lobber. 40k stuff- ork and space wolf battleforces, and a load of single minis. Lord of the rings stuff - an olyphaunt that I started and abandoned. In the orange bag, there's 40k 25th anniversary models and pin badges and in the black bags, there are a couple of copies of Dreadfleet. In the Ikea box there's stuff. I have no idea what - possibly some scenery and terrain parts.

Cupboard 1:
Some cool projects I might have started or just opened to have a look - the Aliens APC is an eBay rescue and repair job waiting to happen.

Cupboard 2 part 1:

Deloreans. Obsessed with these I am. Likewise the Batmobile from Tim Burton's first movie. Beautiful car - good memories of the first one I built when I was 11 or 12. Bought it in Lancaster and started assembling it at my Nan's in Plymouth. My first 'road trip' plastic. These are all mint.

Cupboard 2 part 2:
Behind the kiddie car seats lie some monsters. I always wanted the Halcyon PVC Aliens kits when I was a kid, but couldn't afford them. Then eBay was invented, and I had money to spare. There's more you can't see as well...

Boxes above the tumble drier:
A 40k case, a camera case with Hobbit scenery and LOTR projects, an unfinished Alien3 walker (soon to be done, honest) and a few boxes of scrap building stuff.

Cupboard 3:

Cupboard 4:
Tools and things.
It's what's above it that's even more scary - more unfinished nik-naks.
Note the fire extinguisher in the bottom RHS...

In the loft there's another Ikea box of Star Trek models from my teens - ships and figures - actually mostly unstarted - apart from an Enterprise D which I spent 2 years hand drilling windows to fit optic fibres. It's not the optic fibre kit - I bought a few metres of that to light the ship, as well as making LED-lit nacelles. Didn't quite finish it....
It'll all probably stay there until I have a workplace of my own.

You kinda know that one day my headstone will read:

Here lies Peter Brown
Husband, father, finisher of nothi

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