Monday 7 October 2013

Sprue Cutters #10 - My Spending Habits

I'm a dad, a stepdad, and a husband. This post is a week late for that reason (excuse).

For the same reasons my hobby spending is limited to essentials - glue, mostly. Sometimes I buy exciting things like Medium…

Looking forward to using these.

Kits happen occasionally, but as neither Mikey nor I are playing much at the minute, we're not keeping up with the latest armies. Space is at a premium, so terrain isn't a priority, either. I have found myself watching and bidding on eBay on classic figures, and things I longed for years ago. Sometimes I buy them. I have a quite healthy collection of Lord of the Rings metal minis that will easily keep me busy (until I find that *one* figure that I really, really like the sculpting).

I'm a tool nut, so if I see a new way of modelling something I've been able to do conventially for years, I'll probably hanker after it until either I've saved up for it, or realised that it's a fools errand. I adore my hot-wire polystyrene cutter, but I don't use it much. Breaking and sawing polystyrene is quicker, and I tend to cover it in Modrok anyway.

I'll buy a new paint once in a while, too. Again, though, if I'm recommended a new type - for airbrushing, for instance, I'll convince myself that I can't manage without it. Minitaire and Badger airbrush paints are next on my obsession list in that way. Similarly, P3 and Reaper are being held at bay for my brush paints collection.

I have a a box of crushed pastels, an unopened bottle of turpentine, and a few artist's oils that I've had nearly ten years, and haven't got around to using them yet for weathering tanks and large armoured areas - although dot filtering is something that looks like a lot of fun.

But wallet-limiting is absolutely not a bad thing - I spent a lot of time and money when I got back into the hobby buying up a decade's-worth of kits and tools, so really, all I need to do now is make the time to finish them!

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