Sunday 15 September 2013

My World in Scale (#spruecutters 8)

I've been reading a few of the other posts from the Sprue Cutters Union this week, and a few things have rung true:
I'm a hoarder of seemingly random stuff. When my wife and I moved house last year, a lot of polystyrene made its way to the local tip. This would have made a lot of cool scenery. It has since been replaced.
My desk drawer at work is filled - not with pens and tip-ex - but with empty tubs of sherbet DibDab and Wrigley's Extra gum.

And the odd pot of microwaveable noodles/rice. All good for terrain or other scratch building. The sherbet tubes, particularly, make the perfect centre for Tau sensor arrays - all you need is a spare gun drone, and some cotton buds, and you've saved £12 from Forgeworld. Cost of parts: £1.50ish.
Millicano coffee tins make for fantastic towers and Actimel pots can double as brilliant sewage outlets.

I often catch myself staring at textures on buildings, vehicles and even the ground. It's quite something to see the myriad shades and colours that make up even a 'simple' black-topped asphalt road surface. Brick-work and concrete is really something else!
I haven't yet got into the mindset of seeing real-world colours as their Vallejo equivalents, but I do mentally file away ideas for translating real objects into 1/72, 1/35 or 28mm approximations.
Sometimes, and this relates to last week's topic, you have to bite your tongue and not get excited about the utterly mundane. That plastic tray from the festive macaroons isn't going to get made into a coiled vent unit (even if there's some resin waiting to be mixed), so just let it go. It's about finding the healthiest balance.
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