Mikey's Stuff

This page is dedicated to my stepson's modelling and painting work.

Mikey's been collecting Tau Empire and Blood Ravens since summer 2010, and is a naturally talented and creative painter. He's learning to play the game, too - something I haven't mastered...

Easter 2011

We both entered into our local GW's painting competition - a Grey Knights theme - and Mikey won 1st prize for the under-16s category.

I'd like to add that this was painted from primer in under a day. For a 10 year old, that's pretty damn good.

Winning! Mikey's Jokaero Weaponsmith

For more pics, see here

Games Day 2011

Mikey turned 11 this summer (ahem, I mean 12), and entered a Legion of the Damned figure in this year's Golden Demon competition. He didn't win this time. It's a great figure, with an alternative pose that he worked on, and some new styles of painting that he's been working on. Bring on the next figure!

Better luck next time - a great paintup, though.