Miniature & Model Painting is a UK-based commission painting service, specialising in Warhammer, LOTR and 40K armies.

Thanks for your interest. I’ve been painting my models and miniatures for over 20 years. If you like what I have to offer, I can paint your models and miniatures, too.

I offer three levels of painting quality: Troop, Elite and HQ.

The most basic level - painting is high quality with simple shading and highlighting. Basic detail is added to weapons and faces. Models are sealed with protective varnish and are simply based. This is often a good choice for standard troops.

This mid level option is good for specialised units or squadron leaders. The minis are finished to a higher standard, with more shading and highlighting and more focus on details. Bases are more intricate.

A great choice for characters, leaders or important standalone minis (or even an entire army). The models are painted to the highest standard, using advanced techniques and finishing methods. Bases are super-detailed and weighted where necessary.

If you would prefer to mix and match different levels of quality within an order, please let me know early on. For instance, you may have a 10-man Space Marine squad set up as follows:

Sergeant - HQ
2 Special/Heavy Weapons - Elite
7 Battle Brothers - Troop

Price Guide

This is only a guide to how much your commission will cost. Prices are flexible and will be quoted per job. Larger and more detailed models will cost more.
Contact me on for a quote.

To ensure value for money for you and value for time for me, I have set the minimum commission order value at £40.

Troop painting
  • Regular Infantry Model: £5 - £7
  • Regular Mounted Model: £7 - £11
  • Monstrous Infantry Model: £8 - £10
  • Small Monsters / Vehicles: £18 - £23
  • Large Monsters / Vehicles: £35 - £45
  • Characters £12 - £17
  • Movement Trays £3 - £10
Elite painting
  • Troop plus 20%

HQ painting
  • Troop plus 35%

Assembling miniatures
  • Infantry: £2 - £3
  • Mounted Model: £3 - £4
  • Monsters: £7 - £12
  • Specials: £5 - £8

Painting & Assembly services
I will require 50% when you place your order, and 50% on completion, plus packing and shipping costs.
If you need to me to also purchase the model(s) to save you on first postage, I'll need the cost of miniatures and 50% of the order in advance.
Sending me your stuff
Once you've emailed me your request, I'll get back to you within 48hrs with an initial quote. There will probably be a couple of back-and-forth emails before we both agree on the project details. We'll discuss colour schemes, army chapters/allegiances, bases and levels of quality. I will ask you for colour/style references - these can be from the web, from box art, from White Dwarf or from GW reference books. I want to make sure we have 100% information up front with no surprises for either of us. If I'm assembling your models, we'll discuss poses and extra bitz.

When we've agreed, you need to send me your minis. Including the original box for reference, please ensure you've packed everything well. If you have assembled the minis yourself, wrap each figure in kitchen paper and then the whole bunch in bubble wrap. Use as small a box as possible to minimise movement during transit. Remember: plastic can snap and metal can scratch and dent. I can't be held accountable for Royal Mail's handling of parcels. If any damage occurs during transit, I will take photos and email you. I can either attempt to repair the minis or you can claim from the Post Office.
Postage costs to the UK
Royal Mail Special Delivery is normally £7-10. We'll work out the best price for heavier items.

International Postage
Please contact me with size/weight info - I can't give even a ball-park figure without it. Rest assured, though, it'll be the best insured delivery price.

Completing your commission
I will usually turn around your order in 4 - 6 weeks. Once I've finished I will email you for the remainder. When this has cleared, I'll send your miniatures.
If you are unable to complete the payment after 30 days, you forfeit your miniatures to me as compensation.
If you have paid in full, you can ask for your models to be returned at any time. If this is before 6 weeks, the order may not be complete. No refund is available in this case.
Once an order has been agreed and the first deposit has been taken, you can't change your mind without incurring extra costs. Sorry.

This one's tricky. I won't usually give refunds. If an order arrives and it is completely different to the agreed brief, I will return the models and refund the deposit (minus P&P)
I'm afraid I can't refund based on dissatisfaction. Bad word of mouth will quickly kill off my business, so I will always endeavour to finish your minis to your liking. If I've made an error, contact me and I will do my best to rectify it. If you've made an error in the agreed brief, you'll just have to live with it.