Tuesday 5 June 2012

It's a discipline thing

Wow. it's a good 6 months since I last posted anything here. Pretty lame, I know.
Lots of excuses, of course, but other than "Since I moved house, I haven't got around to sorting out the garage as a hobby area", nothing really cuts the mustard. More discipline needed to keep these updates going.

So, what's going on?

I've started my big Golden Demon project. Hopefully, I'll make the time to finish it. I'm taking inspiration from a game that Mikey and I played during last year's Games Day. I'm calling it "Deep Strike Mishap", and will feature Imperial Fists, Orks and Grots, and some airborne vehicles.

Inspiration, or biting off more than I can chew?

My first hurdle has been to convert the marine figures and the drop pod. I want some standing marines in the harnesses, but a regular tactical marine has a default fighting stance.
Here's a tutorial for converting marine legs, if you want to see what to do.

Cut and shut. Bionic leg from a Necron chap, and a stand-up guy.
Green stuff to finish.

Of course, the marine bodies don't fit in the drop pod harnesses. Space Marines aren't exactly true-scale anyway (stand one next to a '6ft' Imperial Guard and you'll see), but it seems the drop pod cubicles are too short for the (too short) Marines. Thanks GW designers, for the lack of scale continuity.

I have a plan, though. Updates to come...

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