Tuesday 29 November 2011

On the workbench

I realised on Monday that I haven't posted any finished work since Games Day. I contribute to the #miniaturemonday list on Twitter, but keep on posting WIPs. Not the most inspiring way to show off my work - "here's another almost finished model".
I'm currently on the slowest train known to man, so I can't paint right now. I can list from memory what I have to finish, though:
Space Wolves drop pod
Ragnar Blackmane
Logan Grimnar
2 squads of space wolves
Blood Ravens dreadnought
Blood Ravens dreadnought drop pod
2-3 units of tactical marines
4-5 bikes, including a chaplain and an attack bike
Blood Ravens Chapter Master
A dragon
A Balrog
A Mumak and haradrim
The fellowship (x2)
Warg riders
Saruman & Grima
Frodo, Sam and Gollum
4th edition goblins
4th edition elves
Terrain, scenery, bases

I'd better not buy any more then... Oops.

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