Wednesday 1 June 2011

Scenery as a Diversion to Real Work

GW's Battlescape is a great kit. There's plenty of detail in the moulding, and it lends itself to many different paint schemes. It goes together quickly, with some mould-line removal and sprue-join sanding in the prep stage.

I had the opportunity of a family-free evening, so I got the airbrush out and tackled loads of large-area base coating: Scratchbuilt drop pod, some Blood Ravens, Space Wolves, A Great Unlclean One, Dragons, and the Battlescape.

A quick tidy up today, and it'll be like no-one was here. I don't like using the airbrush around the kids - I can't expect them to wear respirators around the house while I'm getting my geek on.

Lots o' projects
Using a mixture of Vallejo Model Color, and GW paints, I started with a base of VMC Chocolate over the whole model. The Rhino and trees then got some Red/Chocolate mixture (I was working on Blood Ravens) and then VMC Dark Yellow.
The rocks then got a coat of GW Astronomican Grey, and the ground was followed up with more VMC Chocolate. Some VMC Reflective Green added some tonal variance (Unclean Nurgle and Dragon were getting Green'd at this point - having leftover paint in the airbrush gives other projects some new shading opportunities)
Half a pot of Badab Black Wash over the whole thing and then a couple of layers of drybrushing - Fenris Grey followed by Astronomican Grey.

Nearly there

Details are next - metal and more weathering on the rhino, lots of skulls and skeleton parts, a backpack and rifles, and there are a couple of helmets and a sign, too. I'm tempted to paint the knots in the trees as Demonic eyes, and maybe add some static grass. I could go overboard with this, and why not? For the minute, however, it's ready for Mikey to use, although I'll probably seal it first...

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