Sunday 29 May 2011

Finecast Chaplain Update 1

Trimmed, cleaned and ready for paint

At the risk of sounding like a GW PR, prep work on finecast resin is easy. The material is soft and cuts like cheese. Clipping parts from the sprue and scraping off mould lines and flash is a doddle, if a bit fiddly - and you have to keep your eyes peeled for thin lines of resin across certain details. It seems, sometimes, to be a decision you have to take whether to remove some flash or not. 'Is it meant to be there?', you might ask. 'Is that detail, or crap to take out?'. You don't get that often with metals.

It's different to work with than other resins I've come across. Many are hard, dense and very heavy, leaving you with difficult sanding and filing options. Finecast isn't like that. It's more like plastic.

Having finished cleaning the flash, it's time for a soapy wash, and then primer. I'm leaving him unassembled until after I've painted those details that cover each other.

Primer showing off parts to re-prep.

It's an interesting fact that spraying a model black shows you all the details you haven't looked at yet. Like the gap between the raised leg and tabard, and the stringy thing above the helmet/mine on the floor. More prep work needed...

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