Tuesday 6 January 2015

Sprue Cutters Union: Old Dog, New Tricks

It's back! The SCU topic this month is:

What New Products/Techniques Will You Purchase/Attempt This Year?

I like to think of myself as a pretty open-minded modeller. I'm not sure I've settled on any techniques that I don't tweak or improve on as I start the next project. Of course, I've started more projects than I've finished, so one 'technique' I'll try and employ this year is 'finishing'. Last year I finished 2 large old projects and 1 large new project. This year, I'll try and up that number.

1. Rust

I have an Airfix Mk1 Ford Escort kit, which I've opened and primed. My wife bought it for me a couple of years ago for Christmas. It's a very basic kit, but it's given me a few options: build it straight from the box; upgrade it to a 'Mexico' special edition racer, or make it a rusted out barn find.

I haven't mastered authentic large-scale rust yet, so I think this is the project to help me graduate. Lots of dirtied-up multi-tone rust with trees, bushes and shrubs growing through the carcass. Easy concept, but quite hard to pull off effectively.

2. Photoetched Brass

I've used PE products for years, but I can't say I've ever really become friends with them. They blunt my tools, dig holes in my fingers, refuse to stick properly and get lost in the carpet. I have a diorama on the go (yes, I know) that I started making for my wife for our wedding anniversary - of course she'll appreciate it, what do you mean? - it's our wedding car, a Citro├źn Light 16 Traction Avant, and I decided to upgrade it with PE and resin parts. Wow, what a faff. Tiny little bits of brass that have created more problems than they've solved. Well, no more. 2015 is the year I beat the oppressive OE regime. In 2015 I will rise up, and I will WIN!

3. Airbrushing

I'm good with an airbrush - I know my way around - but I'm not a master of detail. This may be something to do with my below-par fine-art skills. Linked to #4, this is an ongoing education I shouldn't shy away from.

4. Freehanding

I can sketch with a pencil, but my ability to control freehand paint is limited. I'll be spending time on YouTube and other video tutorial sites to improve. Of course, if anyone wants to come over to South London and give me some free tuition, I won't say no. I make terrible omelettes, but great coffee.

5. Procrastinating

I've read several times that 2015 is the year of putting things off, so don't be surprised if any or all of the above gets shoved to 2016/19 or so.

Being part of the union means sharing the contributions from other members. Being a lazy member (and sneaking this post in while getting ready for a video shoot in Las Vegas), let me direct you to the wheel hub, so to speak:

Thanks again for taking the time to read my blog! Please fee free to leave comments below...

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