Wednesday 5 March 2014

A charity challenge

I stumbled across a fun thing to do this month. Using the hashtag #w5challenge (or as many are doing, #wg5challenge), the concept is to buy a wargaming mini on eBay or £5 or less, paint it, repost on eBay and sell at a profit by the end of March.

For charity.

Original challenge and rules are here.

Sound like fun, so here goes:

I've bought an Eldar Scorpion for 99p on eBay, and will paint him from craftworld Mymeara

He arrived at work yesterday, and I'll start work on him tonight.

I'll be updating as I go, as well as choosing my charity - I have a good idea where I want the money to go, but I want to see how feasible it is first.

Don't forget to follow my progress on Twitter- @minimodelpaint

This should be a fun one.

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