Friday 5 April 2013

2013 Forge World open day prep pt3

Posing the legs is a daunting task. The model needs to stand on the base furniture in a dynamic way, but it needs to be solid and balanced, so that the whole unit doesn't topple over when finished. The long guns will be a problem further up, and Tau Battlsuits have never had strong ankles.

Thankfully, the XV9 has good ball joints in the ankle, which, if left unglued to start with, will help the overall pose take shape.

Test fitting is key

Starting with the feet, clip the lower legs into place. Dry fit the upper legs (blutack helps), and also the hip piece. While gingerly holding the lot together, see where it looks to stand best - make a note and lay some glue. You don't want them too far apart, or the model won't fit together!

I've opted for a flat left foot on the top of the rocks, and an over-the-edge right foot, giving the mini a sense of potential motion. Unclip the temporary assembly and glue the feet down.

Let it set and cure.

Then fit the next bits, working upwards. The hips are the centre of gravity for this figure, but aren't very heavy, so once the feet are in place, the lower and upper legs can be connected to the feet and the hips and glued. Green stuff is handy at this point, giving the posability of blutack, but setting hard in time.

A rig of some sort is useful for overnight stability - a paintpot, a box of matches - anything. The worst thing to do is assume gravity won't interact while you're waiting, and come back to a model that's sagged, set and cured.

Any old object can be a useful resting place

Once set, the torso is added to the hips. My rig is a toothbrush on a plastic tub. Perfect height to sit under the backpack - it won't take any major weight, but stops any errant slippage.

Once cured, the XV9 is ready for its guns. One-by-one, and laying the model on its back if needed. Allow the weight of the part to help the glue dry in the right position.

You call that a gun??

The centre of gravity has shifted a little, but all that posing in front of the mirror (read part 2 again), means the legs and hips have started life leaning backwards a little, ready for the guns to counterbalance.

Leave it to cure. Don't handle it. Don't show it off.

In part 4, priming and spraying with metallic lacquers, and a small disaster with gravity and dropping.

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