Sunday 23 September 2012

Games Day 2012

I'm writing this on the coach back to GW Bromley. We're stuck in crappy, rainy, slow traffic on the M40, and the bus driver won't let us eat or drink. So far, no quiz, no in-coach entertainment of any sort.

Time to recap the day, then.

Games Day 2012 was good - thoroughly enjoyable. It didn't have the sheen of last year's event, but that could be down to the novelty-factor of our 1st Games Day.

This year's Games Day was bigger - the shopping was better organised, and there was a comprehensive selection to choose from. The queues were still ridiculous. In fact we started shopping by joining a queue which allowed us to pick which actual shopping queue we wanted to join.

How very British.

I was a little miffed that we were charged for the formerly-included-in-the-ticket-price miniature. £12 is a standard Finecast price, but it seems that loyal customers are getting less looked-after as the years progress.

Mikey and I took part in some terrain building - thankfully it was 40k themed - ammo depots and fuel dumps etc. We'll take them apart at home and rebuild properly.

We entered the conversion competition, and were less successful. 20 mins to construct a scene depicting "Duel: Dark Angels vs Chaos".

Neither the superglue nor the plastic glue provided a quick enough solution, and my marine quickly lost limbs to gravity, and the daemonette wouldn't even stand up.

I didn't get a chance to photograph Mikey's piece - brilliantly composed - it fell apart as soon as he picked it up. He wasn't impressed.

We managed to join a game, too. The last 10 minutes of a story-based narrative - necrons vs imperial guard and imperial fists. The megalith-led swarm kept regenerating, and ultimately wiped the Imperium from the board.

Many of the boards were impressive in size, scale and scope. There was a table in The Lord of the Rings area depicting a multi-part Mines of Moria. The first game section featured the doorway to Moria and the 'watcher in the water' scene. As your figures pass through into the mountain the table was covered by cave, and the game continued in a claustrophobic underground setting. Balin's tomb and the Bridge of Khazad'dum were fantastically modelled, although I failed to photograph a single shot!

This single-set table allowed several games to be played at once, which can only be a good thing in a packed event like Games Day.

Once again, neither Mikey nor I made the Golden Demon final round - perhaps next year, we'll give ourselves some proper time to work...

Good efforts, but the level of competition was astounding. We managed to see the winning pieces on the screen this year - Mikey remembered to sit in front of the banners.

We're now in traffic, in the rain, on the M25. Not long now. Only 12 months until the next one. I wish they'd make it a weekender, though. One day still isn't enough.

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