Wednesday 31 August 2011

Painting competition on BoW

Beasts of War are running a nice painting competition, which ends tonight at midnight. It's 'Foot Soldiers' only - no special characters, machines or mounts. I thought I'd enter one of my speed-painting masterclass goblins, but spend some proper time with him. WIP photos are a must with this contest, to weed out the cheaters.

Of course I'm off to work, and writing this on the train.
I haven't taken the model with me, or any paints. Apparently, it's not the done thing to paint at your desk, unless you work at GW...

That leaves me with about 45 mins when I get home - feed and bathe the baby; get him to bed; eat something myself and then paint. Probably 1.5 hours' worth of work to do, though.

I can't imagine putting 3-4 hours of detail painting for each of these gobbos in a squad of 20 or so for a regular tabletop play, but this requires something more.

So far, it's been:

White primer.
Knarloc green skin, shaded with Orc flesh wash. Light drybrush with gretchin green.
Deneb stone tunic, shaded with Devlan brown wash
Khemri brown boots and leather, shaded with Devlan brown and Badab black washes.
Tin bitz, various silvers and golds for the metalwork, shaded with Devlan brown wash.

The base has a gravel/sand mix glued to it, washed with Devlan brown and drybrushed with Deneb stone. The sides are straight Khemri brown.

More shading and details to be done later, and the shield needs finishing, too. Maybe some grass details on the base.

Full photos when it's done.

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