Thursday 14 April 2011

Quick guide to inks and washes

Here's a Goblin spear man from my Fantasy 4th Edition.
When I primed this set 15 years ago, I didn't spend any time removing the flash sprue, or mould lines. Shame on me.

He's been primed in white, and I've basecoated the head and limbs in Knarloc Green. I've left the clothes and spear white for the minute, firstly to show the effect of a wash and secondly so I can be quick and sloppy with the strokes. Knarloc Green is one of GW's current range of foundation paints - and is brilliant for coverage and further layering of other colours. The paint is thinned with water on the wet palette and quickly applied. There are 32 of these guys to get through, after all.

Here he is again, this time painted with the old Citadel Orc Flesh Wash.

You can see the difference in the depth of colour and how the pigment settles into crevices. Some drybrush highlights and details is all he really needs. This was brushed straight from the pot, and thinned a little on the model with a wet brush.

You can't buy the 1990s Citadel paints any more. HMG Paints were the original manufacturer and they still make the paints under the Coat D'Arms brand, but with new names.

If you don't want to use GW's Badab Black Wash and then Thraka Green Wash, you could try the new/old Orc Flesh Wash

£1.80 for an 18ml pot. Bargain.

These guys need the ink wash treatment now.

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