Tuesday 15 November 2011

Belated Games Day thoughts

As I stand on this railway platform, I'm realising that I haven't posted anything for weeks (months?). Not surprising, really - my wife had our second baby in as many years, and my two stepkids are taking the other spare time I may have once had. Not that this is a bad thing, of course! It's just the basis of an excuse as to why I haven't been writing since September.

We didn't leave empty handed...

In September, my stepson, Mikey, and I went to Games Day and had a blast. We had a plan: enter our Golden Demon entries, play a game on an awesome table, and then take part in some scenery building, sketching and conversion competitions. Mikey also wanted to play some multiplayer Space Marine, and I wanted to queue for some Forgeworld bits.

Mikey is the Orkshop Kroydun banner bearer.
Shame it broke on the bus...

We entered Golden Demon. We played a massive game of blood angels vs orks on an asteroid scenario built by GW Leeds. We played for 3 hours straight before realising the time.

This drop-pod scattered directly onto the cliff face.
Marines didn't have far to climb!

Forgeworld queue was next, as the scenery and conversion tables had run out of parts - not surprising, seeing as the magpie kids had stacked multiple Balewind vortexes on top of multiple Gardens of Morr! Cheeky buggers made their ticket prices back in scenery!
We picked up the exclusive Forgeworld Space Marine boarding captain and a Tau Battlesuit- this will be Mikey's first foray into resin. And I'll supervise!

Massive Warhammer World Tau table.
Some Forgeworld bits, but a lot of scratchbuilt terrain.

After rubbernecking at the gorgeous tables from Warhammer world, we headed over to THQ for some multiplayer video gaming. Typically, they had shut it all down for the awards presentation. We collected our figures, found a seat (the worst view of the big screen in the house) and snacked out while admiring the infinitely better work on show.

The screen's behind the flag. Duh.

Slightly deflated, having not achieved everything we wanted to, we headed back to our bus - laid on by the Croydon and Sutton branches - and chatted to everyone about our collective days.

Great atmosphere, nice people and a fun hobby day out. I would even recommend Games Day to my stepdaughter (who rolls her eyes at the mere mention of toy soldiers). My wife wants to go next year, too, which, baby logistics aside, is great.

We've also bought Dreadfleet, to include everyone in the house - even those who don't care about robots with guns...

I hope one year, Games Workshop make it a weekend event. There's just too much to fit into one day...

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