Thursday 28 August 2014

Krom Dragongaze - an unboxing video

After a short absence over the summer, I'm back for more painting, converting and unboxing.
(and I'll try and be more consistent from now on)

I'll start with the unboxing bit:

The Sanctus Reach: Stormclaw boxset isn't the new 7th edition starter set - GW have reissued Dark Vengeance to fill this gap, with new box artwork and the latest rules. Stormclaw is, rather, an expansion or campaign set. You do get the mini 7th edition rulebook, and a lot of minis (lots and lots), but no dice, rulers or templates, so you can't just unpack and go.

What you do get, however, is a lovely limited edition plastic Space Wolves Wolf Lord - Krom Dragongaze. He's not available anywhere else - and I'm guessing when they eventually release a Krom standalone, it'll be a different pose. This, then, is the main prize from this £75 set.

Have a watch of the unboxing video, and you'll see the good (and bad) bits of this limited release.

Stormclaw, is now out of print. No longer available. Except on eBay - stripped into constituent parts, and sold at a profit. Krom tends to go for about £20, so if you can get him for less, you have yourself a bona fide bargain!

Join in with the discussion: Do you have the whole set? Was it worth shelling out for? Didn't you already have all those Space Wolves and Orks? I know. More is better. Leave any comments below!

Until next time...