Sunday 22 December 2013

Forcing Hobby Time

We're told that a hobby is something you make time for, not something you do to fill spare time.

So what do you do when your spare time is taken up with other things, and you actually can't create a rift in the continuum to slot in some quality painting time?

You take your models to work.

This week was the perfect time to wind down at the office. All the important stuff was done well in advance of the new year, so rather than watching a Christmas movie, I brought in a box of paints and some hobbit minis to progress.

I don't have a decent daylight balanced lamp at my desk, and the work top height isn't perfect. And there's the issue of my office phone line never not ringing.

I gave it a go anyway. An hour's-worth of work produced some mediocre results at best

Not happy with this Bilbo so far. Especially not the face - he looks positively psychopathic! The colour range is almost right, but everything is a bit thick. The office air-con dries out the paint palette really quickly, and even acrylic medium didn't help.

I had to try again, so after lunch, and amidst the whole world wanting a piece of me, I laid some base colour onto a LOTR metal Arwen. Just the main dress material, and it's going to get layered up to a teal green when I have a balanced light.

I'm already happier with this. The paint has gone on thinner - it was more a case of knowing when to stop rather than forcing 'just a bit more' like I did with Bilbo. He's not a lost cause in any way, but I won't be trying that level of detail at the office again. Maybe just prep and assembly, and possibly some base colour work.

Nothing fancy.
Nothing forced.

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